About us

Nature and Science
in the service of health

DGP Pharma develops, manufactures and sells phytotherapeutic products. Our supplements are the best available because each one contains a number of active ingredients that act in synergy, and since each of these components is the product of thorough research and a range of analytical processes, you know you can rely on their effectiveness and purity.

The company’s bywords are integrity and professionalism, at every stage of the process, from the production line to the finished product that reaches the customer. Our success is built on never leaving anything to chance and treating everything as a priority.

The products are 100% Italian, guaranteeing quality and provenance.

The DGP Pharma logo is a cross made of smaller squares.

The cross symbolizes health, aid, integrity, help, professionalism and research and the squares remind us that a successful project is built from the abilities of individuals working together.